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A row of four very old, tall, gabled houses in reds and yellows
Houses in Lübeck’s Old Town | Image credit: LTM, Thomas Radbruch

Having lived in Germany since 2010 and written about my adopted home for publications including National Geographic Traveller, Food and Travel, Time Out, The Guardian and EATEN, I want to encourage people to travel beyond the country’s most popular destinations, whether they’re visiting from abroad or exploring their temporary or permanent home. This newsletter is a place for me to share inspiration for travelling parts of Germany that don’t get the coverage I think they deserve, to promote travelling the country responsibly and sustainably, and to support small, family-run businesses.

All my work for this newsletter is independent and my choices hand-picked (bar recommendations contributed by other writers), so unless I feature sponsorships or advertisements, which will be clearly marked as such, my newsletter content is no way influenced by any commercial initiatives. It may, however, sometimes contain affiliate links, which means I’ll get a small commission if you purchase something after clicking them - at no cost to you. That revenue supports the writing of the newsletter.

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Award-winning freelance writer Christie Dietz moved to Germany from the UK in 2010. She has written for publications including National Geographic Traveller/Traveller Food, Food and Travel, Pit, Atlas Obscura, The Spruce Eats, The Guardian and EATEN.